by, jenni lee


listen to your mom

animation / fall 2018

Brief: This is a stop-motion animation that illustrates the complex, bittersweet dynamics of growing up in a first generation Taiwanese American household.

Skills: Motion, illustration, sound

Tools: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop

Frame highlights:



daze 22.00 — flume

animation / spring 2019

Brief: “Daze 22.00” by Flume is one of my favorite songs, so I animated it. Interwoven throughout the song lies a juxtaposition between the melodic flute and the heavy bass—moments of serenity immediately followed by dissonant, glitchy surprises. I visually represented this through elements of over-saturation, noise, and high contrast.

Skills: Motion, illustration, sound

Tools: Adobe After Effects, Procreate

Frame highlights: